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We are an Energy Design Consultancy, specializing in Energy Storage.

When you partner with us to design your custom energy storage solution, you instantly add a wide range of specialized skills and the power of SiMod, our groundbreaking design tool, to your in-house efforts.

You can come to us with a specific problem to solve or with an energy technology objective you are aiming for. We will show you the most practical and cost-effective way to get to the outcome you desire.


We offer flexible terms of work. We prefer working on pre-determined timelines and project outcomes, but are happy to accommodate monthly or hourly billed contracts to suit your specific needs. We will work with you to figure out what suits you best.

Energy Storge

Energy Storage Design Consulting

Our design process drastically reduces the need for prototyping with expected cost reduction of 80%.

Our consulting service revolves around two key service offerings:
  1. Electrochemical Energy Storage Device Design

  2. Energy Storage Device System Integration and Performance Prediction

Key Capabilities:

Rapidly assess new materials digitally, thereby assessing a design’s performance before prototyping

Translate new materials into an energy storage device at low cost

Predict the performance of your energy storage device when it has been integrated into a larger system

Determine your unbuilt energy storage device’s cycle life

No matter which of these problems you are looking to solve, we can drastically shorten your R&D cycle, saving you time and money! Our design process drastically reduces the need for prototyping with expected cost reduction of 80%.



Licensed access to SiMod, our Patent Pending Simultaneous Battery and Capacitor Design Tool

If you are an energy storage device designer or materials developer working with Lithium Ion batteries or capacitors, or a battery management or power system designer, who needs to incorporate Lithium Ion batteries or capacitors, SiMod can be an absolute game changer for you! Even if you do not need our full consulting services, we want you to be able access the powerful design features SiMod has to offer. We can either provide you initial inputs to get you started or can do some additional hand-holding during your first project. Whichever option you pick, it is sure to significantly improve your work experience.

Key Capabilities:

Aids in testing theoretical charge and discharge profile and environment.

Capable of assessing performance of new materials.

Predicts how Lithium Ion Batteries and Lithium Ion Capacitors degrade over time under realistic theoretical charge and discharge profile and environment.

Capable of describing Lithium Ion Battery and Lithium Ion Capacitor performance in larger circuits.

How it compares with other design tools available in the market:
  • SiMod uses physical properties of materials to determine device performance. The device’s performance can be determined from the moment you choose your device’s materials. You spend less time experimenting in the lab.

  • SiMod determines device performance using state-of-the-art research in energy storage device dynamics. We understand the electrochemical dynamics inside an energy storage device and can give you more than a spreadsheet with rough guesses.

  • SiMod does not rely on extrapolating from available data. We can assess a design’s performance before prototyping.

  • SiMod computes device heat generated by the device and heat effects on device performance. Most products that compute energy storage device heat generation do not compute its effects on device performance.

We are so excited to see what you will design with SiMod!


We often assist our clients, manage their energy projects, or help them figure out how to take energy storage ideas from the laboratory and scale them. If this is of interest to you, please reach out and we would be happy to lend a hand!


While energy storage is our specialty, our experience expands across renewable energy and stretches as far as water purification. At Moye Consultants we are always happy to take on a new type of challenge. If you have other electrical, electrochemical, or even electromechanical projects that do not directly relate to energy storage, do reach out!  We want to hear about it!

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Whether you have a specific design problem for us to solve or are just curious to see what we can help you achieve, we want to hear from you.

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