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About Us

We are a Tallahassee, Florida, based Energy Design Consultancy, developing cutting-edge solutions for projects with a global reach.


We are at the forefront of innovation alongside our customers, not only as designers but as technology enablers. We have made it our mission to design state-of-the-art energy storage solutions that are tailored to your custom needs, so you can focus on whatever game-changing technology you are building.


When it comes to our team, we not only celebrate the number of doctorates, patents and prestigious awards but take real pride in our integrity and passion for technological excellence. Our team of experts is led by our highly accomplished and experienced leader, Dr. Davis George Moye. The key to our long list of successes is effective collaboration with our customers as well as our trusted network of highly skilled professionals that augment our team as needed.


At Moye Consultants we love a challenge, and no challenge is too big or too small. We have extensive experience working with esteemed institutions such as the US Air Force, NASA, NOAA, DOE, and many Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. Armed with the advanced capabilities of our prize-winning, patent pending Simultaneous Battery and Capacitor Design Tool, a stellar team and extensive experience, we are here to assist you no matter the size of your company or the scale of your project.

Meet our Founder

Our founder, Dr. Davis George Moye, truly embodies the spirit of curiosity and innovation as he relentlessly seeks new adventures and knowledge. He is a hands-on leader, who has built a team of experts at Moye Consultants around our shared values and a strong desire to propel advances in the energy sector.


His 15-year long illustrious professional experience began with service as the electrical officer aboard the guided missile destroyer USS O’KANE, and then at the Naval Oceanography Anti-Submarine Warfare Center. The discipline and sense of duty from these experiences has become a part of who he is, and it shines through everything we do at Moye Consultants.

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Stemming from his concern for the environment, his next adventure was to study law. During law school he served on the Governor of Florida's staff, assisting in the passage of landmark environmental legislation. Our clients benefit from his knowledge of the law and his grasp of the regulatory landscape.


While making a real impact on environmental protection in Florida was gratifying, he realized that his true calling was still innovation and engineering. He was eager to put his experience as an Electrical Officer to use, and obtained his Master’s in Electrical Engineering.


He then joined General Capacitor, where he led a team developing technology to bridge the link between lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors. By the time he was promoted to General Manager, he had managed millions of dollars’ worth of R&D projects for Honeywell Labs, Elbit Systems, the Army Research Lab, the Navy Research Lab, and Space Florida, just to name a few. Somehow during all of this, he had managed to earn a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Florida State University!

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In 2019, a groundbreaking software developed by Dr. Moye, called the Simultaneous Battery and Capacitor Design Tool was recognized by NASA’s i-Tech Program as one of the top 25 most innovative technologies worldwide. Dr. Moye was determined to bring these capabilities to other engineers  building energy storage solutions and other game-changing technologies that needed specialized energy storage. This is when growing Moye Consultants became his primary focus. Ever since, we have served many esteemed government and academic institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and start-ups. We cannot wait to see where Dr. Moye’s vision takes us next!

Dr. Moye has continued his Naval service, where he is now a commander in the US Navy Reserve.


When he is not preoccupied with his reserve duties or busy with his work at Moye Consultants, Dr. Moye loves spending time with his wife and two adorable children, catching a football game or spending time outdoors. He is a licensed SCUBA divemaster and avid distance runner.

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