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US Air Force: Solar Powered Generator

The 22nd Training Squadron of the United States Air Force teaches airmen essential Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) skills.  This mission often takes the 22nd Training Squadron to some of the most remote regions of the United States and globe.  Energy requirements are substantial in the field, especially for radio and other communications equipment.  Traditional diesel generators are heavy, require carrying additional fuel, noisy, and give enemy night vision goggles an infrared signature.  All of these are undesirable during a real mission.

In 2018 the 22nd Training Squadron sought a solar powered generator solution that would eliminate the shortcomings of diesel but still meet its energy needs in the field.  This product had to be portable enough for airmen to easily transport, rugged enough to withstand the abuse of the SERE mission, and reliable enough to work in some of the most hostile environments on the globe.  Moye Consultants teemed with GoalZero and General Capacitor to develop this solution: a combined solar panel and lithium-ion battery generator capable of storing over 3000 Wh from a combination of 12 VDC car adapters, 110 VAC sockets, and even USB ports.  This entire system weighs less than 100 lbs!

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